Important Programs Of Gopalpur

Welcoming Muharram

Normally everywhere majlis starts from the night of new moon but in Gopalpur majalis starts from 26-zilhij. First majlis is organized at the house of late Maulana Rasool Ahmad Sb. This majlis start just after Namaz-E-Maghrabain. All the people of Gopalpur attend this majlis to show their presence for Muharram.

Majlis of Muharram

The chain of majalis start from the night of the new moon (Chaand Raat). Majlis are organized at four Imambargah (Maghribi Imambargah, Mashriqi Imambargah, Janoobi Imambargah and Darbar-e -Hussain), which starts just after namaz Maghrib and end around 11 pm. These majalis takes place during every night till the 9th of Muharram.
On the day of first moharram the chain of majalis takes place in different Imambargah of the village one after the other and continues till afternoon prayer (Namaz-e-Zohar).After namaz people go to their houses and have their lunch after lunch again the chain of Majlis starts and continues till evening prayer (Namaz-e-maghrib).Normally during day time eight Majlis and during night time four Majlis takes place but on some specific dates we have two or three more Majlis.

7th Muharram

7th Muharram of Gopalpur is associated with Hazrat Abbas (A.S). Grief and seriousness of 7th Muharram can be seen since morning, children, young and old became barefoot despite of the heat of summer or chillness of cold. This day is important for two reason: Ziyarat of Ta’boot (Shabeeh-E-Ta’boot) and Alam-E-Mubarak.
Ziyarat of Ta’boot (Shabeeh-E-Ta’boot): Ziyarat of Shabeeh-E-Ta’boot are organized at two places, Azakhana of late Azeez sb. and Azakhana-e-Qilwat. Almost all the people are present in these Majlis, During the Majlis the Azakhana are fully packed. The zeal and enthusiasm during the Majlis is different from normal days. As they praise for Fazail with open heart same way they mourn during Masaeb. As soon as the people get glimpse of ta’boot they stand-up during the masaeb, mourning and crying loudly, it seems like the real funeral of Hazrat Abbas (A.S) taking place. Every single eyes is filled with tears and heart filled with deep sorrow. It takes 20 to 30 min for the ta’boot to come out of azakhana as everyone rushes to take single glimpse and bosa of ta’boot. As soon as the Ta’boot came out of Azaakhana, Matam and Nauha starts. “Pani Chacha Abbas na laye” is recited every year on this very day. Lyrics of Nauha, loud sound of Matam and crying of people present such a mourning scenery that it cannot be explained with the help of words. After this majlis, Qilwat majlis takes place and there also the scenario is same as above mentioned.
Alam Procession (Juloos-E-Alam): This day is also prominent for procession of Alam. Thousands of Alam are present in the memory of Alam-E-Hazrat Abbas (A.S). First all the Alam are collected at the respective imambargah, then the procession starts during afternoon time with specific marsiya ”Jab Kat Gaye Dariya Pe Alamedas Ke Baazoo”, then different Anjuman recites Nauha and procession is marched towards Karbala. A specific place is allotted near Karbala, after reaching, few more ceremonies takes place and then people returned to their respective homes.

10th Muharram

10th Muharram has its own importance in the Islamic calendar. This day is marked as mourning day for thousands of people all over the world
In Gopalpur this day is mourned with some special arrangement. For this day Taaziah is decorated with some special crafty material, lot of time is spent on the decoration and arrangement of Taaziah. From the night of 10th Muharram series of majalis takes place. In morning just before Salat-E-Fajr Taaziah of all four Imambargh are kept on respective chowk and specific salaam “Shahar bano Alveda” is recited, this mournful salaam signifies the starting of the 10th day of Muharram. In spite of attending all the majlis and mourning whole night, since morning people are indulge in different ceremonies like Nazar-E-maula and Aamal-E-Aashoor.
10th Muharram of Gopalpur is also prominent for Taaziah procession. In addition to the Shia, nearby Sunni people also decorate their Taaziah and participate in the procession, spreading the message of unity and humanity. There is one more interesting fact about this day is since many years Sunni hazraat hold Taaziah of Shia Hazraat with full dedication and enthusiasm, Sunni people believe that all the legitimate wishes will be fulfilled with reference of Taaziah. When all the Taaziah of nearby places are collected then the procession starts with historic Marsiya “Aaj Shabbir pe Kya Aalm-e-tanhayi hai”. Reciting this marsiya Taaziah are kept at specific places, then from there procession is proceeded with the help of Maatam and Nauha. As the procession arrives Karbala people break their Faaqa with khichda and then Alvedai nauha “Ya Hussain Alveda” is recited, marking the end of procession.
Majlis of Sham-E-Gariba: After returning from Karbala people gathered at Magribi Imambargah for Sham-E-Ghreeba Majlis, which starts just after the evening prayer. In this Majlis only Masaeb is recited, which leave the people in deep agonize. People cry loudly and effect of grief is spread all over the place. As soon as masaeb is finished people stand up saying “Ya Hussain” with loud voice and Maatam is started. One or two nauha is recited in between Maatam. After nauha Maatam is continued for long time, Zayarat is recited with loud voice over the loudspeaker to stop Maatam. After majlis tea is distributed to the people and after having tea people quickly rushes to Mashriqi Imambargah for another Majlis. There also same scenario can be seen as Sham-e-Ghreeba of Maghrebe Imambargah.
The third Majlis of Sham-E-Ghareeba takes place at Darbare Hussaini Imambargah, which is mostly attended by youths. There too Majlis preceding takes place in similar way as the other Imambaragh.

Taboot of 18 Bani Hashem (A.S)

This is an important program of Gopalpur, organise every year on 12th of Muharram by Hazrat Abbas (A.S) committee. Hazrat Abbas (A.S) committee is run by youths of Gopalppur. This program is recently started but in such short span it became very famous. The people from nearby places also come and attend this program. During this program people mourn the martyrdom of eighteen Bani Hashem who sacrificed their lives on the land of Karbala along with Imam Hussain (A.S).

Nauchandi (Shab-e-dari) at Darbare Hussaini

Shab-e-dari of nauchandi Safar is also an important program of Gopalpur, it is organise every year on first Thursday night of Safar month at Darbare Hussaini Azakhana. During this program people mourn the martyrdom of imam Hussain (A.S) and his 71 companions for the whole night.

Arbaeen-E-Imam Hussain (A.S)

Azaadari of Gopalpur also has its importance due to Arbaeen-E-Imam Hussain. Arbaeen of Gopalpur is famous for “Aag par maatam” and procession of ta’boot and Jhoola.
The place near the chowk is lighted for “Aag par maatam”. The program gets started just after evening prayer and continue till midnight. After the majlis in Maghrebe Imambargah the specific nauha is recited “hum aag k sholo KO yu raund k jaenge….mahshar me sila is ka shabbeer se paenge” reciting this nauha people walk barefoot on fire. This is continued for approximately one hour. People from nearby places also visit for this program.
During the day a majlis is organise at house of Hameed Asgar sb., After majlis Shabeh-e-ta’boot of Bimare Karbala Imam Sajjad (A.S) and Jhoola is presented and in form of procession it is taken to Maghrebe Imambargah where ending rituals is completed.
28th Rajab is also a part of Azaadari, on this Imam Hussain (A.S) left for Karbala. On this day Shabbeh-E-Amaari and zuljanah is presented and with different anjumans reciting nauha and Taqreer the procession is carried around the village.
This was the small description of Azadari of Gopalpur, in fact the Azaadari cannot be described with the help of such short document indeed a book is needed for detailed explanation. At the end I would like to conclude with small Stanza of Allama Sha'oor Gopalpuri:

Jazb-e-dil ki Aas hai aur kuch nahi                   Naghme-e-ehsaas hai aur kuch nai
Shah k gham me Aasuon ka sisila                    Ek bhadkti pyaas hai aur kuch nai.